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Abel Tasman
Sample size: 12.5cm x 12.5cm


Abel Tasman
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  • Bremworth Essentialist Tongariro Carpet
Inspired by nature to promote natural materials, we created a soft and luxurious floor that, at its very essence, embodies beauty, performance and purpose. Sophisticated and texture-rich, Essentialist is a gorgeous loop pile carpet made with New Zealand wool. The contrasting effect of neutral colours are inspired by NZ's Great Walks which feature dramatic landscapes and stunning vistas.

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NZ Wool

Why choose Essentialist?

  • Natural fibre

    This product uses wool fibres which are 100% renewable

  • Easy to clean & maintain

    Wool fibre's protective membrane acts as a natural stain resistant.

  • Naturally anti-static

    Wool naturally repels static charge.

  • Naturally hypoallergenic

    Wool fibres are not linked to allergic reactions.

  • Naturally beautiful for longer

    Wool's unique spiral crimp provides natural bounce-back properties.

  • Fire resistant

    Wool is the safest carpet fibre - we offer a Lifetime Fire Resistance Warranty*

  • Soil resistant

    We offer a Lifetime Soil Resistance Limited Warranty*

  • Breathe Easy

    Wool helps to regulate humidity by naturally absorbing and releasing moisture.

  • Beautifully soft underfoot

    Warm and comforting – wool carpet provides an unmatched sensory experience.

  • Proudly grown in New Zealand

    We only buy wool from New Zealand farmers. We then scour, dye and spin the yarn in our Napier and Whanganui plants before it's tufted into carpet in Auckland.

  • ACCS Environmental Standard

    This product has achieved the highest environmental grading – ECS Level 4.

  • ACCS Residential Performance Rating

    This product has achieved the highest ACCS REHDS6* rating.

  • Made to last

    We offer a 15-year Abrasive Wear Limited Warranty*.

  • Lifetime Manufacturer's Defects Limited Warranty*

    With 60+ years' experience, we proudly stand behind what we make.

  • We're here to help

    We’re only a phone call away – get in touch on 0800 808 303.

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