Partner With Nature

Going Good with growers to bring wool to your floor

Andrew & Meredith Carpenter​

Ruanui Station

Andrew and Meredith Carpenter are two incredible growers we have partnered with to source the beautiful NZ wool used in our carpets and rugs. Nestled in the rolling hills west of Taihape on New Zealand's North Island, Ruanui Station boasts a stunning view of Mount Ruapehu. Perched at an elevation of 550 meters, this expansive farm benefits from the fertile volcanic soils of the plateau, contributing to the superior quality of their wool. Ruanui Station also uses the wool they grow to create a range of luxurious wool products, from throws to pet beds and clothing.

Chris Hart

Elco Direct

Chris is the Business Development Manager for Elco Direct, one of the largest wool buyers in Aotearoa and a sister company of Bremworth. Elco works with all scales of farming operations, from small independent farms with 500 sheep to extensive corporate operations with thousands of livestock. Chris has grown up with wool and has spent over 20 years in the industry. Chris works directly with New Zealand farmers to source the finest quality wool and is passionate about increasing the value of NZ wool and getting it into everyone's homes.

James Hurley

Siberia Station

Situated in the Rangitikei region, about an hour's drive north from Palmerston North, Siberia Station is another incredible station supplying beautiful New Zealand wool to Bremworth. It is 3100 hectares of steep hill country, which provides an epic rolling backdrop for his 20,000 head of sheep. James is a third generation farmer passionate about the wool industry and the livestock he rears.

Shum Te Huia

Elco Direct

Shum is the branch manager for Raetihi, and having grown up in a family of shearers surrounded by wool, it was inevitable Shum would follow a career within the wool industry. Shum works closely with the farmers in his region to ensure the process of sourcing the wool, then sorting, processing and distributing the wool goes as smoothly as possible. Central to this is the relationships Shum has built with the farmers over the years.

Rex Martin

Atihau-Whanganui Incorporation

Ātihau-Whanganui Incorporation, or Awhi, is another major supplier of New Zealand wool to us here at Bremworth. Awhi is acollective of over 9000 shareholders - whānau of the Whanganui iwi. Ohorea Station manager Rex has been part of Awhi for over 15 years. Rex's love for wool started at a very young age, when he used to go to the local farmers and see if he could be of help. In Rex's own words, it is all he has ever wanted to do. Despite spending his entire life farming Rex still loves getting up early in the morning, breaking daylight and start mustering sheep for him this is why he started farming.