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Carpet selector

We've created a three-minute carpet selector to help you identify the carpet that's right for your lifestyle, family and budget.

You can choose more than one
Preschool kids
Pets with claws
School kids
We strongly recommend the use of protector mats where castor chairs are used.
Dining / Lounge / Home Theatre
Main walkways and stairs or home gyms
As these areas are busy it is recommended you select an ACCS Residential Extra Heavy Duty incl. Stairs rated carpet.
Cut Pile Plush
The fibres stand up straight to create a velvet like appearance. Remember to ask your retailer about shading.
Cut Pile Twist
The fibres have been twisted and set, just like a perm to create a textured appearance. Remember to ask your retailer about shading.
Loop Pile
The fibres have been bent over and anchored to create unique designs.
Beige, cream, gold or natural
Carpet Selector
Red, green or blue
Carpet Selector
Carpet Selector
Grey or Black
Carpet Selector
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