A Breath of Fresh Air

From the minute that Nick Davenport begins to speak, you can really sense the passion for not only the wool industry but for the amazing inherent properties of the family.

Like Bremworth, Lanaco believes in creating innovative high performing products from this miracle fibre. Lanaco creates natural air filtration solutions using the power of wool. After being introduced to the fibre as an engineer, Nick began to research it and soon discovered many untapped benefits of wool. This fueled his and Lanaco’s mission to engineer natural products that naturally clean the air instead of the combination of synthetic components that were currently being used in air filters.

Harnessing the power of natural

There is a lot of science behind the use of wool in Lanaco’s air filters. The electrostatic properties of wool are particularly important for air filtration as this is what enables the fibre to act like a dust magnet. The more they research wool, the more potential uses they find-all of which can be done by a single fibre, wool.

"It's the science behind the fibre that drives the performance that really makes a difference"

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Finding a more sustainable way

Lanaco is all about finding new and more sustainable ways using New Zealand wool. The story of Lanaco is an amazing example of the Wonders of Wool as we do not normally associate a sheep with an air filter. Nick believes that innovating with the wool we have on our doorstep will not only benefit the country but the world as a whole. He believes that every person on this earth can benefit in the air that they breathe through the power of wool.

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