Carpet is a major contributor to the overall look and feel of your home. One of the first decisions you should make is choosing what type of fibre your carpet is made from.

We're definitely seeing a trend towards natural fibres, but have you ever wondered how wool compares to synthetic carpet in terms of quality and wellbeing?

At Bremworth, we’re fortunate to have had first-hand experience with many different fibre types and for design, innovation and overall performance on the floor, we are yet to find a better fibre than New Zealand wool.

Here are some good-to-know tips about why wool carpet should be your first choice over synthetic counterparts.

Fire safety

Wool is naturally fire resistant so it doesn’t need to have fire retardant chemicals added like synthetics do. Wool is a safe carpet fibre because it is difficult to ignite, burns slowly and is easy to extinguish.

Natural insulator

The natural thermal properties of the wool fibres trap warm air. This creates a natural insulation barrier which will make for more comfortable living all year round. This thermal comfort can also translate into energy savings, with wool carpets saving you between 8-13% on heating and cooling costs*[1]. Not to mention it’s soft to touch and feels luxurious underfoot.

Wool carpets also help to create a quieter home through natural sound absorption properties.

Natural odour control

Unlike synthetic fibres, the unique wicking properties of wool can resist odours and help control moisture. Wool is far more efficient than other textiles at absorbing sweat and releasing it into the air, before bacteria have a chance to develop and produce unpleasant body odour.

In a study done with pets by AgResearch, wool carpet outperformed nylon and Triexta carpet in a 3 month experiment[2] as wool was significantly less smelly.

Naturally durable

If you’re looking for carpet that lasts in your home for years to come, wool is a proven high performance flooring fibre. Its unique spiral crimp helps it to hold its beauty year after year. Speak to our customers and you’ll find Bremworth carpets have been tried and tested for generations.

So what's next?

So now you know the facts about wool carpet, why not use our free sample service to experience our carpets for yourself?

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[2] AgResearch, 2016. Wool carpets help prevent pet odours.