Partner With Nature

Wool is an incredible fibre gifted to us by nature. It is grown right here on our doorstep and is the reason we are able to create an extensive range of luxurious flooring solutions for our customers.

In 2021 we made the commitment to move away from synthetic fibres and use only 100% New Zealand wool in our carpets and rugs. As a result, we have strengthened our longstanding partnerships with local growers of this beautiful natural fibre. 

For the love of Wool

We chose this incredible natural fibre for its incredible inherent properties. Not only is wool soft, durable, biodegradable, and renewable, it is also naturally stain, odour, and fire resistant. It is an nature's wonder fibre for creating innovative carpet and rug designs as well as feeling luxurious underfoot for products that look as good as they feel.

Going Good with New Zealand Wool Growers

We work with an extensive group of local growers across Aotearoa to source the finest New Zealand strong wool for our carpets and rugs. From the rolling hills of Ruanui station, the steep hill country of Siberia station, to the rustic beauty of Ohorea station, every fibre comes from New Zealand.

A lot of aroha goes into the livestock and land that produces the wool, and we acknowledge that the current commodity-based price levels do not cover the cost of shearing. Therefore, in conjunction with sister company Elco Direct, we have offered ten-year contracts to our wool growers with a minimum price level for specified wool types to provide stability for the industry we love. We hope that the contracts will at least reduce the financial burden, if not assist in prices reaching a sustainable level.

We are proud to be partnering with New Zealand wool growers. They enable us to offer customers natural-fibre based flooring solutions using 100% New Zealand wool. We are optimistic about the future of the New Zealand wool industry and this wonderful fibre, and we will continue to Partner With Nature™ to find more sustainable ways.