In our Going Good series, we catch up with like-minded brands and people focused on doing a little more good and working hard to find a more sustainable way. The series showcases that you can lead the way whilst innovating with natural materials and fibres, such as wool. 

Our second episode features Suzanne Rowe, a quantitative geneticist and senior scientist at AgResearch, one of New Zealand's most prominent Crown Research Institutes responsible for delivering innovative science and research outcomes within the agricultural sector.



AgResearch focuses on enhancing the value, productivity, and profitability of Aotearoa's pastoral, agri-food, and Agri-Technology sectors, of which sustainability is a significant driver. 

This includes exciting new research into breeding sheep that produce less methane without sacrificing productivity. In fact, this research revealed that these sheep produce more wool, how cool is that.

Using natural and sustainable materials is important to AgResearch. It's all about the connection to the land and environment, with the wool grown from these sheep going on to be crafted into natural products for people's homes. 



For the agriculture sector, everything hinges on the interaction with the environment. So, naturally, developing tools to lower the environmental impact is a crucial driving motivator for AgResearch.

AgResearch shares our belief in going good together to contribute to a better planet, even though it may feel small – every bit counts. 

Once again, it's incredible to see Kiwi Institutes within the agriculture sector working towards creating a more beautiful and sustainable Aotearoa for today and the future. 


"If we all do our bit, then cumulatively and collectively we can make a huge difference ." Suzanne.