Milestone in Sustainability Journey

Milestone Celebration in Bremworth’s Sustainability Journey

Cavalier Corporation’s New Zealand wool carpet business, Bremworth, has this week celebrated a major milestone in its sustainability journey, with its last ever roll of synthetic carpet coming off its manufacturing line (see video here:

This completes Bremworth’s transition to a wool-only carpet and rug company as it builds momentum in its journey towards becoming a more sustainable business - a move that will reduce its use of imported synthetic fibre annually by 2,500 tonnes. The company will now focus on natural fibre design, science and innovation to help make home interiors, and the planet, healthier and more sustainable.

In line with this, and with the support of the Ministry for Primary Industries’ Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures investment programme, Bremworth is commencing a $4.9 million sustainability-based research programme, seeking to create better and greener ways to manufacture wool carpet.

To commemorate the milestone, the Hon Damien O’Connor, Minister of Agriculture, visited the Bremworth plant in Auckland today, meeting with Bremworth employees, industry representatives, research institutions and Government partners.

Chair of Cavalier Corporation, George Adams, said: “Plastic is a worldwide problem which comes in many forms, including synthetic carpet fibres. There's a huge amount of vital international research going into understanding the impact of plastic on people, wildlife, waterways and on our vulnerable planet - and how we can reduce, recycle and eventually remove it from our lives.

“We believe that stopping it at source has to be the best solution. And that’s why we are making a stand, with no more synthetic carpets. But we’re not stopping there.

“While our wool carpets comprise approximately 87% natural materials, we want to do better and will be investing in scientific research to identify solutions to make our products more sustainable, including our supply chain. That includes all parts of the carpet from the backing to the glue that holds it to the carpet and the manufacturing process.

“Our goal is an end product that is desirable, beautifully designed and manufactured and best of all, healthier for the planet.

“For more than six decades Bremworth has led the way in designing and manufacturing beautifully crafted premium carpets and rugs. Now we are leading the way again, with a vision to become world leaders in designing and creating desirable, high performing, safe and sustainable home interiors. Going all in with wool is the right move for our business, our customers, our local communities and the planet.”

When announcing the funding from the Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures investment programme, Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor, said: “I’m told that an average Kiwi household laid with synthetic carpet is estimated to have the equivalent weight of 22,000 plastic shopping bags on its floor. That’s a compelling reason to use sustainable wool wherever we can to make healthy homes for Kiwis and the world.

“More than ever consumers are considering the entire life-cycle of products. We believe this programme will spur demand for New Zealand strong wool and enhance our manufacturing competitiveness through strong environmental credentials that challenge industry norms.”

“If we get this right, then that’s a compelling yarn we can sell to our markets abroad,” Damien O’Connor said.


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