Bremworth signs up to NZ Farm Assurance Program

Bremworth signs up to the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme (NZFAP)

Kiwi carpet manufacturer, Bremworth, has signed up to the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme (NZFAP), signalling its support for and adoption of a national wool standard.

NZFAP provides assurance to consumers about the integrity, traceability, biosecurity, environmental sustainability, and animal health and welfare of New Zealand’s primary sector products.

Bremworth joins 20 other wool industry members to transition towards sourcing their wool from 6,800 accredited sheep farms across New Zealand that meet the standards set by the NZFAP.

By signing up to NZFAP, Bremworth, which is now New Zealand’s only 100% pure wool carpet manufacturer, can additionally provide customers with a product where the wool has met traceability, authentic origin and animal welfare standards.

CEO Paul Alston said, “Our long-term vision is to be a global leader in designing and creating desirable, high performing, safe and sustainable interior products. Ensuring that this starts on the farm is very important to our business and we look forward to working with New Zealand’s wool growers to build a successful future for the New Zealand wool industry.”

Craig Smith, chairman of the National Council of New Zealand Wool Interests, said “NZFAP provides value-chain assurances we need around land management, origin, traceability, animal health and welfare. We now have 21 New Zealand wool companies and 6,800 certified wool growers across key points in the supply chain signed up and we expect more to follow. We welcome Bremworth to this important programme.”

Bremworth has commenced sourcing NZFAP accredited wool and is transitioning towards sourcing 100% of their wool from accredited sources.


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