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Our wool

Our wool

Our wool is 100% grown in New Zealand. It's the perfect environment for sheep to thrive and deliver beautifully clean, white fibres to allow us to achieve better colour clarity in our final products.

Getting the wool specification right is critical to ensure we deliver a beautifully designed product that’s soft to touch yet high performing on the floor. For example, if the fibre is too short for the product design it is likely to excessively fluff and pill once installed in your home. 

Over the last 60+ years we’ve fine-tuned exacting wool specifications for colour, length and thickness by product to strike the perfect balance between delivering you optimum softness, design and overall performance on the floor. 

However, we believe that our wool needs to not only be the best quality, but it must be sourced from the best farms. So, as a first step, in June 2021 we signed up to the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme (NZFAP) which is a government funded independent assurance programme to ensure best practice on-farm in relation to important factors such as animal health and welfare. We are currently transitioning towards sourcing 100% of our wool from NZFAP accredited sources.  

6 reasons to embrace wool


The unique properties of wool can resist odours and help control moisture.


Wool fibres are not linked to allergic reactions.


Unlike synthetic carpet, wool is naturally fire resistant, and offers a much greater level of fire safety than other fibres.


Wool carpets naturally improve a room's warmth and acoustics, helping your home stay quieter and cosier.


Naturally durable, stain-resistant and easy to clean, our Bremworth wool carpets work hard for whatever modern life throws at them.


Wool fibres are 100% natural, biodegradable and renewable meaning that they are able to regrow and replace (well, as fast as sheep can grow).

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