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This BPIR covers all broadloom wool carpets manufactured by Bremworth. 

Should you have any queries regarding our BPIR, please get in touch at websales@bremworth.co.nz

Bremworth BPIR Info Sheet


Warranty & Care

Have complete confidence in the quality of our carpet, with the comfort of our six-point residential warranty package:

15-year Abrasive Wear Limited Warranty*

15-year Insect Resistance Limited Warranty*

Lifetime Manufacturer's Defects Limited Warranty*

Lifetime Food and Beverage Stain Resistance Limited Warranty*

Lifetime Soil Resistance Limited Warranty*

Lifetime Fire Resistance Limited Warranty*

*Exclusions, prorating and terms and conditions apply – refer to our guide below.

Bremworth Carpet Warranty & Maintenance Guide


It is recommended to install Bremworth carpet with an underlay appropriate for specified use to get long-term performance of the carpet. As a general guide for residential areas, we recommend 11mm/120kg underlay.  

Install carpet in accordance with AS 2455:1:2019 or NZS 2455:1:2007. Many of our patterned carpets have a distinctive repeating linear pattern that will need special care during installation.  

Bremworth recommends all carpet installation also follows the additional best practice guidelines in the Floor NZ ‘Carpet Floor Coverings- Planning and Installation’ 2019 1st edition.