For the Love of Wool

From the moment that Greg starts speaking, you can tell that our CEO is immensely passionate about wool and the wool industry. At Bremworth, we genuinely love this incredible fibre and all the people and industries it connects us with. Working with this fibre allows Bremworth to engineer high-performing design-led products whilst harbouring the inherent natural qualities of wool.

A Journey With Wool

For the last ten years, Greg has immersed himself in the world of wool, discovering a love for the fibre that only continues to grow. His journey with the fibre began when he worked at Icebreaker, a company that crafts beautiful Merino clothing. He recalls being given the opportunity to go see a farming station first-hand.  

This exposure to the rich heritage of sheep farming, from the deep intergenerational history of growers to seeing the love and care for the land and the sheep, is where it all connected for him. 

"I'm hooked, this is it."

Furniture provided by Tim Webber Design.

 Fibre For The Future

Greg joined Bremworth after resonating with our purpose of finding a more sustainable way with New Zealand Wool. Regarding the future, Greg constantly thinks about what his children will say about what Dad did. This drives his desire to make a difference. He wants to tell them that he was able to share this amazing fibre with the world and change the carpet and rug industry as a result. 

He hopes that companies, people, and entrepreneurs keep innovating with this incredible fibre and bring these stories to the world so people can fall in love with the wonders of wool.

"It's not only carpet and rugs, its's whole industries that wool can be a part of."

Our Untouched Carpet in Hushed.