Introducing the new collection Ahuru: in collaboration with NZ Designers

Bremworth proudly presents its latest collection: Āhuru, a luxurious carpet collection meticulously crafted in collaboration with talented New Zealand designers.

Āhuru is a soft plush pile with a velvety appearance that evokes luxury.

This stunning colour palette was curated in collaboration with Emma Hayes (Emma Hayes Textiles), Liv Patience & Toni Brandso (Material Creative), Kristen Basra (Spatial Studio) and Annique Heesen (Gezellig Interiors). Āhuru, meaning 'warmth and cosy' in Te Reo, embodies the very essence of comfort and natural beauty.

Each design within this collection has been inspired by nature in some way. From the rolling hills and majestic mountains to the vibrant native wildlife and enhancting flora, every hue in Āhuru tells a story of the land it hails from.

KIOKIO by Liv Patience & Toni Brandso (Material Collective): the rose brown hues of the Kiokio fern are perfectly blanced. Bold and warm, yet tranquil and harmonious, they bring a sense of calm refinement to your space.


KOROMIKO by Kristen Basra (Spatial Studio): the grey green tones inspired by dried flora such as the tender leaves of the Koromiko plant used in the practice of Rongoā. The subtle tones of Koromiko create a sense of peace and comfort.

TOKA MA (white rock) by Annique Heesen (Gezellig Interiors): is a light, earthy and natural ecru colour synonymous with the rugged and untamed Glenburn region. This colour will help open up your space, making it feel bigger and unrestrained. A true sense of home.

MOSS by Lily Ng (Bremworth): soft and soothing, moss green is the new neutral. Evoking a sense of the lush natural blanket on the floors of Aotearoa’s native forests, it has a beautifully calming effect.

KĀMAHI by Emma hayes: the warm mauve tones of the Kāmahi tree trunk are earthy and grounded. Paired with neutrals, the clay-like colour can add warmth to any room.

KĀKAHO refers to the beautiful flower stem of the toetoe, a grass native to Aotearoa. A masterpiece woven in nature’s palette, inviting you to a serene carpet of colour and tranquility.


RURU Transport yourself to the lush isles of Lord Howe, Norfolk, and New Zealand with this captivating carpet colour. Ruru (morepork) has a rich blend of grey-brown tones inspired by the enchanting owl’s plumage.


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