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  • Do the dividends carry any imputation or other tax credits?

    Cavalier Corporation seeks to ensure that its dividends have full New Zealand taxation credits attached, though there is no assurance that tax credits will be available.

  • Does the company have a Dividend Reinvestment Plan?

    The Company has a Dividend Reinvestment Plan.  The terms and conditions of the plan and how you can join can be viewed by downloading the Dividend Reinvestment Plan.

  • How are dividends paid?

    Payments may be made either by cheque or direct credit to New Zealand bank accounts or in the form of additional shares as part of the Dividend Reinvestment Plan. When a dividend is paid, shareholders will receive a dividend advice at their registered address stating the amount they have been paid as well as information to assist in the completion of their tax return, if they are required to file one.  Computershare can also provide a consolidated Dividend and Interest Notice showing all dividend and interest paid during the tax year by companies for which they act. This statement is available soon after 1 April each year by contacting Computershare. A fee is payable to Computershare.

  • What do I do if my dividend cheque has been lost or stolen?

    If you have lost a dividend cheque or think it has been stolen, you will need to send a fax or letter to Computershare, requesting that the cheque be cancelled and reissued.

    If you have a dividend cheque that was issued more than six months ago, it will no longer be accepted by the bank. You will need to return the cheque to Computershare with a request to cancel the cheque and reissue the payment. 

  • What is the best way to have my dividends paid to me?

    We strongly recommend payment by direct credit to your bank account as the safest and quickest way to receive "cash" dividends. If you wish to add or change your banking details, click here to go to Computershare's Investor Centre or print and complete the Direct Credit Payment Form and fax or post it to Computershare at the address below. For added protection you should include a bank deposit slip with the form.

    The Registrar
    Computershare Investor Services Ltd
    Private Bag 92119
    Auckland Mail Centre 1142 

  • What is the company's dividend policy?

    Cavalier Corporation's policy is to pay dividends twice a year as follows:

    • Interim announced at the time of the release of the half-year results in February and payable in March.
    • Final announced together withe full year result in August and payable in October
  • Who do I contact with questions about Cavalier Corporation dividends?

    You should contact Computershare on 09 488 8777.

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