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Customisable Rugs

Our customisable rugs are beautifully designed and made in New Zealand WITH 100% NZ wool.

How to build your rug

Customise your rug by choosing the style, colour, size, shape & edging best suited to your interior.


Start by choosing your favourite rug style out of our range of beautifully designed loop and cut pile rugs.


Browse the different colours available per style and choose the shade best suited to your space.


We offer you the choice between a round, rectangle or square rug.


Use our sizing tool to create the perfect dimensions for your rug. 


There are various rug edging options available per rug style, pick your favourite, then add to cart.

Start customising your rug


Complete your rug with the perfect finish. Whether you are after a fabric, felt, concealed or overlocked edge finish, you now have more options to choose from in the Bremworth Rug Collection. Our four different options have been expertly matched by our designers to ensure the colours and bindings match the style of rug. 


    This stunning fabric binding is designed for a luxurious, contemporary finish. Our designers have expertly matched the colours to suit the rug. The width of the fabric edge finish is 40mm for all rugs.


    This beautiful 100% wool felt fabric edging is designed for a refined, modern style of living. Our designers have expertly matched the colours to suit the rug. The width of the felt edge finish is 40mm. Only available on selected products. 


    The concealed binding is minimal and designed to have a border-less appearance on the floor. Available for cut pile rugs.


    The overlock binding is our original, quality finish with radial corners for a clean and tidy look. The edge finish uses the same yarn that is used in the rug and is colour matched perfectly to blend in. The overlock edge finish is 10 - 12mm wide. Available for all rugs. 

Placing your rug

When it comes to rug placement in the home,

there are a number of factors to consider.

Here is a guide to placing rugs in your home.

Placing your rug
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