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21 Oct 2021

Ethically Kate on the advantages of selecting wool carpet

 Ethically Kate Bremworth wool carpet partnership

Pictured: Ethically Kate by Moustache Media

We recently partnered with Ethically Kate, an online authority who promotes conscious decision making in everyday life that respects people and the planet. Through sharing simple daily habits on her social media channels, Kate shows her followers how easy and fulfilling it is to be a conscious consumer.


Our journey with Kate Hall from Ethically Kate began when she was searching for a more natural carpet choice versus synthetic carpet to bring into her family home, which is nestled in the beautiful Hibiscus Coast of New Zealand. That’s when Kate fell in love with our New Zealand made Bremworth wool carpet.

Thankfully we offer a large selection of textures, designs and colours so Kate had plenty to choose from. Kate decided the best carpet for her home is our beautiful Thorndale carpet from our Lifestyle Collection, which is made with 100% NZ wool.



We were intrigued to hear why Kate chose Bremworth carpet so we decided to ask her a few questions about her carpet selection journey including what advice she has for others looking for the best carpet for their family home.  Here’s what Kate had to say:

When choosing flooring for your home, what was most important to you?


We needed something that didn't show marks/sand/dirt easily as we have two birds and a dog who get seeds and sticks all over the house! Of course, we wanted something that would last a long time and was as sustainably made as possible but that also could act as additional insulation for our very cold living room.


Why did you deem Bremworth carpet to be the best carpet for your family home?


Bremworth carpet was the obvious choice because we believe their values and work towards sustainable practices exceed any other brands we investigated. We chose Bremworth wool carpet initially, and it was then an honour to be able to turn our carpet decision into a partnership that helped so many others looking to upgrade their carpets. Bremworth's decision to stop making synthetic carpets (which is essentially plastic) was a big stand out for us – it was a brave move and I believe we need more brave brands like Bremworth in this world! Plus, their transparency is honourable. They were authentic about what they are working on in the environmental space, and it was obvious they are serious when it comes to sustainability - it's not just a token thought.



How did you choose which style and colour?


We loved being able to look at carpet options online in the first instance and then visiting a store, as it made the store visit less overwhelming and time consuming - we went in confidently with a list of colours, designs and textures we loved. Getting samples was easy too, whether it be ordering samples online or asking for them once in store. We are so happy with the Thorndale Clyde colour and style we chose!



“There is something special about wool carpet that makes an inviting home.” - Kate


Do you have any advice for others in the planning stage who are looking at choosing new carpet?


It's absolutely worth spending a bit of extra money - synthetic carpets are usually cheaper, but I believe wool carpet is a better investment as they are long lasting and synthetic carpets don't offer the warm feeling that wool brings into a home (literally and figuratively!). Now that I’ve gone through the experience of looking at a range of carpets, I can tell when I am walking on synthetic or wool. Don't be put off by the perceived extra maintenance. We've had our dog run through with muddy paws, plus our birds trekking on it almost daily, and it's super easy to clean.


 Thorndale wool carpet installation Award carpet

Kate’s Thorndale Clyde carpet installation was done by the team at Ian Hunt Flooring Albany, check out the footage here.



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