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The Brake House

“When you first come to The Brake House you stand at the top of the drive and the possibilities are endless. The view starts to open up. The house, which is hidden from the road, has become this dream at the bottom of the driveway.”

A series of glass pavilions set into the Titirangi bush, The Brake House is an international architectural icon. Recognised as a masterpiece of modern design, this home is considered a national treasure.

Originally designed by architect Ron Sang in the 1970s for renowned photographer Brian Brake, the house continues to impress people almost 50 years later. It is admired for the way it blends into the surrounding native bush, and has an intimate connection to the natural environment.

The house has been recognised by DOCOMOMO New Zealand as one of the 'top 20 modern buildings, sites and neighbourhoods, and was awarded the NZIA Enduring Architectural Award in 2001 and NZIA Auckland District Branch Design Award in 1985.

“The Brake House is organic – it lives, it breathes. And if it’s not shown the love, it can show. If you see yourself as an owner of The Brake House you’re kind of missing the point. What you are, is a custodian for as long as you have it. Then you hand it off to the next guardian.”

When making any additions or improvements to this incredible house, inspiration must be drawn from the spirit of the house itself.

“We made conscious decisions along the way about how we were going to look after the house. And we decided very early on in the process, that one of the things we’d do was look for quintessentially New Zealand brands – something that could add to the story of The Brake House.”


So, when it came to carpet, the owners agonised for a long time. The decision to change features, or make additions to a house of this importance must be well-considered.


“When it came to the carpet we wanted to be natural, we wanted 100% wool fibre, we wanted a New Zealand brand. And that began and ended at Bremworth. The carpet has complete context in the house, it is ‘of its time’ but it’s also of every time.”


It was also important that the carpet fibre was sustainable, natural, and part of New Zealand. One of the very best houses certainly deserves one of the very best carpets. For those after a unique design approach, our wool carpets go beyond the traditional, with a result that is both beautiful to look at and a dream to live on. At Bremworth we believe that by embracing nature, we can make a world of difference to the wellbeing of people and the planet.


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